Monday, March 03, 2014

USA is dropping in economic freedom

The USA is dropping in economic freedom. The US got passed by Canada two years ago. Canada is more free!? We always used to be in the top five. This year we dropped out of the top 10 and became #12 and dropping. Countries overall are gaining, but the US is dropping.

Who cares?

Prosperity is closely related to economic freedom. I want prosperity for everyone; I care!

What is it?

Heritage measures four areas: - rule of law,
- regulatory efficiency,
- limited governments,
- and open markets.

The United States dropped due largely to deteriorations in property rights, fiscal freedom and business freedom. The government takeover of health care weighs on the economy and restricts what individuals and companies can do. The 2300-page Barney Frank financial regulations increased government control, but didn’t fix the problems, because it increased, rather than ending, “too big to fail.” Heritage

More on North America at Heritage.

More on the Index at Heritage with interactive charts.

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