Monday, March 10, 2014

Mexico befriends Castro and Venezuela

New President Pena Nieto of Mexico has made friendly with Communist dictator Castro(s) of Cuba and he is ignoring the brutal repression of dissent by Maduro in Venezuela.

He went to Havana in January where he gave Castro nearly $500 million (forgave the debt) and praised Castro as “Cuba’s political and moral leader.”

Why? Apparently he is afraid of leftist union backlash to the reforms he has put in place. And that Castro and/or Venezuela could influence the unions to cause him problems in the Congress or in the streets.

He calls this pragmatism. Kissing Castro? That’s not pragmatic; it's embracing Communism - literally.

I hope Mexico gives more thought about who are their friends.

Andres Oppenheimer in Miami Herald. Graphic: Plaza de la Constitucion, Mexico City. Source: unknown.

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