Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silence: Iran caught shipping missiles to be used against Israel

The news media are too busy with ignoring Obamacare and minimizing the US situation with Ukraine. They are quiet about:

A shipment of arms bound for Gaza was stopped by Israel on March 5 in the Red Sea. It includes Syrian-made M-302 rockets and there is clear evidence they came from Iran. The missile containers have aluminum tags saying IRICA, which is Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Authority. They were hidden under bags of cement and the crew didn’t know there were aboard, they say.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif “Our nuclear weapons program is peaceful.”) says the Israeli’s timed the capture to coincide with some conference. But his country sent the shipment, as we can see, and controlled the timing.

Claudia Rosett is covering this at Forbes. And at PJ Media.

The images are from Twitter. Bottom is the IRICA Iran customs tag. Click to enlarge.

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