Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nanny Bloomberg earned his way to Heaven.

Nanny Michael Bloomberg has earned his way to Heaven. If you don't think so, then ask him.

He outlawed smoking in bars, ended legal transfats in food - but only certain ones - and tried and failed to limit the size of sugary drinks. He also repealed New York City's term limits law, because the people of NYC couldn't survive w/o Him. This is one bold leader.

But his highest calling is to take away your 2d Amendment right to fire arms. And He is still on the job. If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Criminals don't care about laws. Duh. I want to ask Him about the two Colorado state senators who were recalled from office because they got one of His gun-control laws passed. Why didn't His big money save them? My answer - because Colorado voters can make their own decisions. They don't need Him to make them, unlike the proud people of NYC.

Bloomberg announced this week that He will go straight to Heaven - no questions asked - because of His good works. He has never shown one gram of humor, so I am sure He is dead serious.

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