Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glenn Beck speaks of opportunity in Seattle

Glenn Beck spoke to a crowd of 7,000 Saturday at Seattle's Safeco baseball field, sponsored by Evergreen Freedom Foundation. His message was responsibility and opportunity. I didn't write down quotes, but he continually spoke of being responsible for your own actions. Failure leads to new approaches and success. Success comes to those who work harder, think smarter, try new ideas and take risks. Risks! Not from sitting down and being dependent on others and the empathetic government bureaucrats. Need is the mother of invention. Making it happen - ingenuity and hard work - is the father. In his own life he faced personal failure, took a new approach, worked hard, then was successful, but he didn't talk about himself. Recently some liberals have tried to expose his old life. They can't expose it, because he talks about it. EFF also highlighted their pioneering work by Bob Williams, Lynn Harsh and staff in education - misuse of teachers' forced union dues; school performance. Taxes - Look up how your property taxes compare to others'. The Supreme Court of Washington. Misuse ofpublic records by King County and our governor and attorney general. They honored active military and veterans. A highlight was a monologue by TV and film star James McEachin wearing his Korean War uniform. They also honored two Washington Medal of Honor awardees. About my photos: Glenn grew up in Mt. Vernon, WA., 60 miles north of Seattle. His grandmother told him when he moved away to tell peope that it always rains here.

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