Thursday, September 17, 2009

Was the Kent strike worth the cost?

Was it worth the cost? The Kent teachers caused a huge disruption for the families of the 26,000 students. And there is more to come. The two weeks of lost school now have to be made up by some combination of reducing scheduled holidays and extending the school year to late June. And now the teachers have to explain to their students how it is important for the students to obey the law, but it's OK for the teachers they respect to conduct an illegal strike. And what did they get? It was all about class size? The new contract caps the number of students in grades K-3 at 29, and grades 4-6 at 32. In the contract that had expired, the caps were 31 and 34 respectively. But there is no cap for grades 7 and higher. Seattle Times And they have fewer meetings In our view, Sept. 16: Unions Worried - Vancouver Columbian

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