Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Illegal strike by Kent teachers WITH GRAPHIC

It is illegal for teachers to strike. The teachers of the Kent School District are on strike. Why are they willingly violating the law? Every time a school district has taken the local teacher's union to court over a strike the district has won. But the Washington Education Association (WEA) retorts "An appeals court has never upheld a school district to end a strike." Technicality! Trick! No WEA local has every appealed. So the WEA's record in appeals court is 0 for 0; never lost. What are they striking over in Kent? Meetings? Sure. Disrupt thousands of families over how many meeting you have to attend. For a 10% pay raise? Ask you neighbors, teachers. They might find the district's offer of 4.5% too high. For smaller class size? The system is providing funding for enough adults to lower the class size IF they would put more adults in their Kent classrooms. The education system has found more and more things for people to do outside the classroom - counselors, planners, coordinators, etc. But they still work for the district and are being paid by the district. THE STATE PROVIDES ENOUGH MONEY. Get them back in the classroom. The teachers and their well funded union are part of the establishment that maintains this situation. They have immense pull with the legislature, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, etc., if they want more people in the classroom. THE STATE PROVIDES ENOUGH MONEY. Funding has grown far faster than the student population when adjusted for inflation. As I recall the numbers are over 70% funding increase during 25% student growth. Seattle Times - news Danny Westneat thinks they should get back to work. Added: The legal basis that teacher strikes are illegal: In 2006 Attorney General Rob McKenna gave his legal findings on the legality of teachers in Washington State striking - concluding that they do not have the right under law. He cited RCW 41.56.120, which states, “Nothing contained in this chapter shall permit or grant any public employee the right to strike or refuse to perform his official duties.” And RCW 41.56.025 “This chapter applies to the bargaining unit of classified employees of school districts...”

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Anonymous said...

The statute does not prohibit strikes, it simply does not grant the right by statute. It doesn't have to. What is not prohibited, is permitted Mr. "Freedom" Man.
Randy Francisco