Sunday, April 03, 2011

Demos can't let the public see the proposed budget

Misuse of power: Rep. Frank Chopp of Seattle is afraid to let you and me see his proposed state budget. So he is violated House rules to delay its release - to cut short the required 5-day waiting period before action.

Washington Policy Center

At long last the House will propose its 2011-13 budget. If you are lucky you may even have time to read it before the House Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to take executive action on it and any pending amendments on April 6. You definitely won't have time to read it before the public hearing scheduled this Monday (April 4) at 3:30 unless you are the most accomplished of speed readers.

This should not be the case for this session's most important bill, the budget, and proves once again the Legislature's rules requiring 5-day notice for public hearings are insufficient to ensure to the public has an opportunity to participate in a meaningful way.

And how do we know Chopp is playing games? Because his minions know it. Olympia Business Watch

"Regarding when the House will unveil its budget, Hunter said it probably will not occur on a Friday because that would give potential critics a whole weekend to pick it apart. It will probably be released on a Monday or Tuesday and acted on the same week, he said."
Chopp can't allow us to see it! You told us about how you would be transparent, etc., but now we see your actions, Democrats.

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