Friday, April 29, 2011

Ed grad students want social justice not student learning

At Harvard the future leaders of education in the US value student learning second. Their priority is diversity, community involvement and justice!

The recent denial of tenure to a prominent Harvard scholar whose work focuses on grass-roots organizing has sparked student protests over the direction of one of the nation’s most influential education schools.

More than 50 doctoral students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education are demanding that the 91-year-old school redirect its mission. Over the last decade, they say, it has veered away from social justice issues in education toward more results-driven management and policy concerns. The students, who are groomed to be national leaders in education, said they fear the shift will hamper their professional development and tarnish the school’s reputation.

“There is a lot of talk about diversity and wanting to support social change, but recent decisions on tenure have sent very clear signals to the student body and the rest of the junior faculty about where the future of the school lies,’’ said Keith Catone, a fifth-year doctoral student in the community, culture, and education program. “That’s not a direc tion that will help Harvard lead a broad movement for educational improvement.’’

Since 2003, the school of education has lost a half-dozen professors who specialized in diversity and community involvement because they were denied tenure or recruited by other universities.

What else is there for education grad students? Get their K-12 students to learn? Oh, you shallow person!!! Protest!!!

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