Thursday, April 07, 2011

How did Caroline like "The Kennedys" series?

You will have the chance to ask Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg in person. Why did she want History Channel to kill The Kennedys series that it spent $30 million on? LA Times How did she succeed to get such a huge investment thrown away?

The Kennedys is showing this week on Reelz Channel. She wanted it killed because it showed too much truth. The series shows that President Kennedy had very bad health. Both he and Jacqueline were on "feel good" drugs. Joe Kennedy, her grandfather, got the mafia to help steal votes in Illinois. And that's just in Thursday's fifth episode. I expect all eight have embarrassing truth.

Ask her: She will be at Third Place Books

Monday, April 11, 7 pm.

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Ron said...

I did not attend due to a conflict. I have not heard anything about whether she was asked about the series.