Saturday, April 30, 2011

Former-Pres. Carter protects tyrant - then tyrant insults Carter

Again. He is going around the world thinking of new ways to insult the US. He went to North Korea so President Kim Jon Il could snub him. Kim played his part. He was busy training shipyard workers. That is, Kim insulted Carter.

Carter says the US and Korea (South) are violating the human rights of the North Korean people. He refuses to see that it is the leader of North Korea who is denying food to his people.

Vancouver Sun

South Korea used to send the North 400,000 tons of rice a year, but deliveries became sporadic after relations worsened in 2008 as Pyongyang used all available economic resources to build nuclear warheads and missiles.

The South's deliveries stopped entirely after two attacks from the North last year; one in March when Seoul claims one of its warships was sunk by a North Korean submarine, killing 46 sailors, and another in November when the North shelled a border island and killed four South Koreans.

The U.S. halted its shipments of 500,000 tons of rice a year in 2009 over the North's apparent diversion of the food to the military and its obduracy over talks about its nuclear weapons.

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