Friday, June 18, 2010

Boeing giving big to Demo incumbents

Everyone wants the incumbents out - the Democrat incumbents - except Boeing and other large companies Business Week
While Americans may be eager to vote congressional lawmakers out of office, U.S. companies are pouring money into incumbents’ campaigns. And Democrats are the biggest beneficiaries. Democrats fighting to maintain control of the U.S. House are drawing funds from companies such as AT&T Inc., Boeing Co. and Honeywell International Inc. Their corporate political action committees are among the top donors to 31 Democratic incumbents seen by analysts as the most endangered this year, a review of Federal Election Commission records shows. ... Dallas-based AT&T gave $170,500 and Chicago-based Boeing contributed $95,500, according to FEC records through the first quarter of 2010. Overall, corporate PACs gave $5.2 million to the most vulnerable Democrats, compared with $366,000 to their Republican challengers. ... A Gallup Poll conducted May 24-25 found 60 percent of registered U.S. voters would rather support a House candidate who has never served in Congress, compared with 32 percent who favored a nominee with some congressional experience. That should translate to gains for Republicans, who hold 177 seats in the House and need 218 to take control.
Boeing is so used to playing the "pay to play" game that they give to Dinghy Harry Reid and Boss Pelosi without further thought. They might give directly to them, but every dollar to a Democrat helps them.

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