Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gregoire doesn't acknowledge WS Ferries problems

KING TV did a series on waste in the WSF system, but Christine Gregoire only heard about it; she didn't have time to watch it. Gregoire doesn't take time to watch the local news. Believe that!

Waste: Employees are paid triple time.

- Employees are paid to travel to and from work.

- Providing double housing for employees who work in the San Juans. And more...

Political decision making - Removing one of management's best negotiators because the unions asked without a substantial reason. Sound Politics

Does Gregoire, not watching any of the series, acknowledge these and other problems? No! Not when asked by KING-5 reporter Susannah Frame.

(Gregoire repeated that Ferries Director David Moseley and DOT Director Paula Hammond have saved the state $33 million in the past few years. Yes, I like that.)

Gregoire responded about if they found anything illegal... (Clever, Gregoire, move the goal posts.) To which Frame responded that the threshold for the public is waste.

Sources: MSNBC & Bryan Suits on KVI radioThe photo via MSNBC.

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