Friday, June 04, 2010

Brown bailout

I thought UPS was a first-class company that is successfully competing in the tough package delivery business. But UPS isn't satisified with the opportunity to compete. UPS and the Teamsters Union are asking Congress for help. Brown Bailout The problem is government regulation. For the full story: Journal Star Newspaper
... Rather than take its lumps and compete, UPS' answer now is to team up with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to hobble its competitors with the same costly baggage that UPS itself unsuccessfully sought to shed.
And the bailout would hurt the Northwest also:
This is not an academic problem. FedEx has informed Boeing that it will cancel its order for 15 Boeing 777 aircraft if H.R. 915 is passed with this provision.
Offline - I spent two plus days at our cabin. But the neighbor didn't have their WiFi on, so I had no internet access. Well, I just had the At&T Edge network on my iPhone. But I don't have a setup to post using that combination.

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