Sunday, June 27, 2010

Demos refuse to do primary responsibility

It's a primary responsibility of Congress to write and pass the budget each year. But the Demo leadership in the House, where budgets must originate, say they will not do it this year. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced his bold lack of action this week. He said that Congress would pass a resolution calling for lower spending than Obama instead. That he can't do anything until Obama's fiscal commission reports in December. Uh, Mr. Hoyer, It's the budget for only one year. How does it help to wait six months until three months after the fiscal year has started? Politico There is no good reason and they know it. Last year's budget was $1.3 trillion in the red. What's next? They don't want to show how bad the budget situation is before the election. Tyler Durden at observes that Obama's Director of OMB "Propeller head" Peter Orszag quit the day before the budget was to be released. He thinks it's for the same reason - the numbers are ugly. (Plus Orszag is desperately in favor of smashing the already broken promise of no tax increases for incomes less than $250k.) So ask Rep. Rick Larson and Rep. Jay Inslee and Rep. Adam Smith what they are doing instead of their responsibility to build the budget. And why.

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