Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Senator Patty brags

She brags about being a career politician. I heard a clip on the radio to the effect: Someone else in this race wavered; he had to think about his family... he wavered, but I never wavered!" Sure she never wavered. Family? It's between her and them, but she says she never wavered. A politician for life will stay in the Senate until age 92, as we saw this week. She brags about ObamaCare: TNT
She said Democrats, by passing a health care overhaul and making other changes, have started the work of bringing change...
Her beloved ObamaCare has already proven to raise costs and lower the level of care. A majority of Americans favor repealing it. But it's top priority that they get control of your health care. She brags that she is a champion porker.
“So you know what I did? I went back and I got one of these earmarks,” she told the crowd.
Review: We call earmarks "pork" because they bypass the normal process of hearings and fund lower priority projects over the higher. After the hearings process sets the priorities and decides what will be funded powerful Senator Patty comes in and forces her pet project into the funding. How does she get her way? By making a deal of course. When she forces friend A's low priority project in, she cuts more deserving project B out. Or, more likely her preference, busts the budget. So when future Senator Dino Rossi says he won't seek earmarks he is not saying he won't fight to get Washington every dollar we have coming out of the federal budget. He is saying he will get funding by following the standard process of hearings, not last-second budget trades. And She is not in the top ten of porkers; she is eleventh - Seattle Times - Hat tip to Angie at Red County

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