Friday, August 27, 2010

ABC News employee infiltrated Cordoba Mosque protest

This one got caught trying to incite a violent incident. Newsbusters ABC News has reprimanded one of its employees for trying to start some kind of ruckus during Sunday's Ground Zero Mosque protest.
A freelance audio operator covering a protest at the site of a proposed mosque and community center near Ground Zero has been reprimanded for his behavior. Andrea Lafferty, who was a speaker at the mosque opposition rally, first noticed the audio operator questioning a man in the crowd who was holding a sign which read, "No Sharia Here." ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider tells TVNewser the network has looked into Lafferty's complaint and agrees that the tech "aggressively" questioned members of the crowd with his personal camera. Adds Schneider, "He was not instructed to perform interviews or to engage with protesters and was there solely as an audio tech. He has been reprimanded for his behavior at this event."
"Reprimanded". Like, "Be cool about it next time"...?

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