Friday, August 27, 2010

Exploring Washington in detail

I greatly enjoy exploring - studying the map, getting "lost" so I can take a route I haven't taken before. And I enjoy exploring Washington. I have been to all the major places and attractions in my 60 years living here. Not that I have been to every county and every state park.

Nor to every city! (493) Nor ride every ferry! (34) Nor cross every mountain pass that has a road! (32) Nor visit every dam! (45)... every border crossing (12) every state fair... every lighthouse (23) - I have seen at least 21 of our lighthouses... every... (make up a category)...

Here is a guy who has done all of those. David Williams. It took years of course. He loves our state and appreciates the history. Seattle Times
Williams was born and raised in Washington and continues to find the state fascinating. Traveling to all these places is more than just sightseeing for him, it is also a way to experience history. Williams doesn't just visit the biggest and the best tourist attractions, he wants to see it all.

"Washington state history has kind of been my hobby since high school," Williams said. "It's my home state so I feel connected to it in that way."

The idea to visit these places was born in 1986, though it wasn't until he made a New Year's resolution in 2001 that Williams began his 34,977-mile journey through Washington. A day trip to the coast with his family took Williams through many small towns he had never heard of in 1986. Since then he has been excited to explore the state.
Now he is working on every state fair, every tribal casino and every state park. His web site: VisitEveryCityInWashington

Oops! I missed a big one. I have never set foot in Point Roberts, the little peninsula that pokes south of the border from British Columbia, west of White Rock, B.C. I have been offshore in a boat, but not on the shore.

But I have only missed one county - Stevens, bordering Canada just west of the county in the NE corner of the state.

Photo: Dave Williams in Oysterville, WA, on the Long Beach Peninsula.

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