Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I turn myself in, Boss Pelosi

Powerful Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised today to investigate those who is funding opposition to the Cordoba Center, better known at the Ground Zero Mosque. She is very concerned that we (yes) are bigoted, unlike those who attacked the LDS/Mormon Church after the positive vote for marriage in Prop. Eight in California. For example Jacob Weisberg at Slate. I boldly put myself up for investigation. I oppose it because it is a symbol of Muslim victory. That's why they named it Cordoba after the furthest Muslim incursion into Europe at Cordoba, Spain. But no one paid me for my risky work in opposition. I do not oppose having another mosque in New York City. There are already many of them. Google Maps shows nine in Manhattan alone. Some report that there are at least fifty in The City. Go ahead, build another. Just don't put it at Ground Zero. Most of 3,000 people have no grave, because not one part of their body could be found after ninteen Muslim extremists flew two airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers. We call that sacred ground. Not sacred to a religion, but to our American civil religion. Your investigation can be very busy starting today. Scott at Powerline confessed, though he didn't put money in - just his time and effort. Charles Krauthammer wrote his opposition in the Washington Post. Who paid Charles? And his column is nationally syndicated, so you can investigate newspapers in every state. Hugh Hewitt is a powerful blogger, talk-radio hosts and - a law professor! His radio show is supported by advertisers, who are supported by listeners. Go after all of them. And I pay the annual fee for Hugh's podcast. So you caught me. Debra Burlingame, the sister of American Airlines Flight 77 pilot Chic Burlingame, is up front. I doubt she got paid. She's a tiny fish; get her. We call Pelosi "Boss Pelosi," because her father was a political-machine politician in Baltimore and she learned from him and uses his techniques, as all can see. Jim Miller explains.

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Anonymous said...

isn't it a few blocks from ground zero? How big can you claim ground zero to be?