Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dirty Demo tricks in Shoreline

Someone has repeatedly vandalized a couple's yard on N. 185 St. in Shoreline, WA; the husband is a Viet Nam war veteran. They have done this in past campaign years and again this year. NWCN broadcast a report. Their signs were stolen. A printed anti-Republican sign was attached to a utility pole in front of his house. He has asked Democrat Party officials to denounce their goons, but they are silent. Why? If the vandals are not Democrats why are they attacking a home with signs for Republicans. Dr. Art Coday, R, for state rep in 32d district Gary Gagliari, R, for state rep in 32d district James Watkins, R, for Congress in 1st district NWCN gave publicity for these excellent candidates, since they are the object of the Demo vandals. Do the elected Demos support this crime? Also Alyssa Kleven at MyNorthwest.

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