Monday, August 02, 2010

Lake Forest Park - reject Prop. One tax increase

The City of Lake Forest Park wants to keep running things as usual. The economy is down. Taxpayers are being laid off or working fewer hours. Can't the City also cut back a bit? No, they can't lay off a bureaucrat. Indeed, they want to hire some back.

So LFP proposes a tax increase on the August 17 ballot - Proposition 1 - a levy lid increase. It's not real big at first, but it would grow without limit for six years (years two through five), then be folded into the base and be included in all future taxes.

So to convince the voters does LFP, the city, threaten to cut back on bean counters? The recently hired PR person? No. They would cut what impacts the public the most. They would cut police and parks. Plus "community services and city infrastructure." They say to vote yes to preserve public safety, but nothing in the proposition guarantees the increase will be used the way they claim.

During the past year LFP has increased drainage fees 15%, added a $20 fee to vehicle licenses, and increased property taxes to the legal limit.

Opposition is bipartisan. Nine former city council members oppose the levy lid increase; three of them signed the opposition statement in the King County Voters' Pamphlet. Democrat State Senator Diane Fairley opposes it. Rep. Ruth Kagi supports the tax increase.

I am posting this on my own. I have participated in opposition meetings, but I am posting this without their knowledge or approval.

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