Monday, August 30, 2010

Senator Patty's lobbyist criticism boomerangs

Senator Patty Murray is running ads attacking Dino Rossi for connections to lobbyists. She knows about lobbyists He is a piker; she is the champ. Real Clear Politics
... It may not be a direct comparison, but Murray has her own connection to lobbyists: About a dozen former high-level staffers to Murray now serve in high-profile lobbying jobs. More than a quarter of Murray's campaign kitty this cycle has come from PACs. Bruce Boram, a Washington State GOP consultant who has advised Washington Republican Rep. Dave Reichert, called Murray's tactic "staggering." "She's been a senator since 1992," Boram said. "Anybody can tell you that she's plugged in with lobbyists. She's taken lots of PAC money over the years, so trying to turn that around on Rossi is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black."
If she brings up the topic Rossi can pursue the topic and show that her connections are deeper and wider than his.

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