Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday - Jesus suffered

Today is Good Friday. Jesus suffered for us. Kevin McCullough at Jesus had been tried. He had been pronounced guilty of a series of crimes, even though he was innocent, and had never committed the smallest sin. In the atmosphere of the politically charged and stacked system he was in, the outcome of what he faced had been sealed. By the end of Good Friday, he had been whipped until the flesh of his back looked like raw meat. He had been forced to drag a cross until he could carry it no more. He was wrongfully accused, criminally framed, and brutally punished--long before his tormented death that he would endure. By the end of Good Friday his hands had been poked through with nails that punched the bone, muscle, blood and tissue together and then ripped it apart. The fire that must have been felt in the exposed nerves ran up his arm, to his brain and through the rest of his body. By the end of Good Friday his feet too had been run through with stakes that sent shock waves through the rest of his body. He had been crowned with thorns, and had them pushed down into the flesh of his head. By the end of Good Friday his belly had been poked with the tip of the spear, and his water and blood came pouring out. He suffered all this... because He had never known sin.

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