Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great applications make the IPhone great

The IPhone is too good to miss. As soon as my income again becomes firm I have to get one. I have been leery of committing the additional $625 plus taxes and fees per year over my current plan. But its combination is too good - cell phone with texting, IPod, web browser (though very small screen), synchronizing calendar and address book to ICal and Address Book on our Mac, GPS AND thousands of applications, many are free or very cheap. What did I leave out? The home run for me is GPS. I am a geographic/location-oriented person. The IPhone has the GPS and applications are available that use it. But its software cousin the IPod Touch doesn't have GPS hardware. Watch "Goatberg" Walt Mossberg cover the applications.

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Margaret said...

So you are finally going to take the plunge.

The screen is small, but I've used the internet on the iPhone before and I didn't find the screen to be much of a problem at all. Of course, I am MUCH younger than you. ;)

I'm pretty sure if I had one of those I'd be using it every other second.