Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thai protesters break up international summit

I love Thailand. But it doesn't have basic law and order. Here is proof. The Prime Minister failed to protect international guests in Pattaya for an Asian summit. Based on following events there for about 3 years I was convinced that former PM Thaksin was doing excellent work (though he like many US politicians seemed to think his position entitled him to enrich his entire family) and was thrown out of office on a ruse. But any sympathy I had for him evaporated today. NewsDaily: Thai PM moves to restore order after summit fiasco:
Prime Minister Abhisit suffered a political humiliation when the summit he had presented as a sign of the country's return to normality had to be canceled after red-shirted protesters broke into the venue, sending Asian leaders fleeing by helicopter. "Yesterday was a truly shameful day for our country, which had its international image destroyed," the Bangkok Post said in a front-page editorial. Thaksin's supporters say Abhisit only became premier because of a parliamentary stitch-up engineered by the army. They want new elections, which they would be well placed to win.

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