Sunday, April 18, 2010

Antarctica Cruise Daily Log

The Roys/Hebron family of four traveled to Antarctica on a 10-day cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina starting January 30, 2010 on Corinthian II operated by the luxury cruise line Travel Dynamics International. During the trip we bought a nice little log book which I wrote daily entries in. The following is pretty straight from the handwritten with some fragments turned into sentences and a few lectures placed by looking at the daily schedule (which several times changed due to weather or other events.) Each entry gives credit for its photographs and graphics. Antarctica Log - Day One - Ushuaia Red arrow at top of map. Antarctica Cruise Day Two Drake Passage first day Antarctica Cruise Day 3 Drake Passege second day and Elephant Island Purple arrow at middle right Antarctica Cruise Day 4 Antarctic Peninsula Brown Bluff and Joinville Island Green arrow at right and a bit above the blue arrow at right Antarctica Cruise Day 5 Cuverville Island and Neko Harbor Blue and purple arrows at lower center

* Mother-in-law Ruth went ashore and watched the gentoo penguins march by.

Antarctica Cruise Day 6 Vernadsky Station and Pleneau Berg Tour Blue and purple arrows at lower left Antarctica Cruise Day 7 Petermann Island and Port Lockroy Yellow and blue arrows at lower left Antarctica Cruise Day 8 Hannah Point and Deception Island Whalers Bay Green and yellow arrows at upper center

Update 3/8/2010: See the poem fellow traveler Bob Elroy placed in a comment on the Day 8 entry.

Antarctica Cruise Day 9 Drake Passage returning day one Antarctica Cruise Day 10 Drake Passage past Cape Horn Antarctica Cruise Ends in Ushuaia New May 10 - Map with location balloons - try it I am pushing this to the top to make it easier to find. Original post date: Feb. 19, 2010 The graphics are by Corinthian II crew/staff. Roys/Hebron group photo by me. Click to enlarge.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Ron. I really enjoyed being on the expedition with you and your family.
"The Polio intrepid traveler" Mary-Wadleigh Harrison
PS I'd like to be your friend and Margaret's on facebook.

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