Friday, April 09, 2010

ObamaCare: You are fired, Stupak

Harry Reid is telling the press that he feels the love since he and Pelosi broke their own rules to push ObamaCare through. Rep. Bart Stupak is feeling the heat, so he has decided to spend more time with his family. He was Obama's hero who traded his pro-life principles for a meaningless executive order; the law of Congress overrules an executive order countering it. Now we know what "prolife Democrat" means = a vote for max-abortion Boss Pelosi. WADC Post
Stupak is expected to formalize it at a press conference at 12:30 pm in Marquette, Mich. Sources familiar with Stupak's thinking describe him as exhausted and burned out from the long fight over health care in which he emerged as the leading voice of pro-life Democrats wary about the possibility that the legislation would allow federal funds to be spent on abortions. Stupak eventually voted for the final bill after Obama signed an executive order re-affirming the idea that no funds from the legislation would go toward abortions. In the wake of that vote he was treated as a hero within the Democratic caucus, but the reaction toward him from activists on the right and left was significantly more vitriolic.
Who is next? Via Patterico.


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