Thursday, April 22, 2010

This income tax is for you

Initiative 1077 is a tax increase. They claim it to be a reform for fairness. But supporters also say it is an increase. Seattle Times
WEA President Mary Lindquist said the tax proposal is "a welcome step" that would restore $700 million in education spending that was cut by the Legislature. Another powerful union, the Service Employees International Union, is also expected to help fund the I-1077 campaig
Bill Gates's income tax is "just for the rich." Fooled you. It won't raise enough money, since they always need more and more. So the Legislature will move the line for being "rich" lower and lower. Until it gets you. But Mr. Gates Sr. is sure the Legislature would never change his masterpiece:
I-1077 proponents said they have no intention of imposing an income tax on individual taxpayers whose incomes are below $200,000.... Gates acknowledged the Legislature has the authority to modify or repeal initiatives after two years and has done so many times. But he said he would be "astonished" if lawmakers unilaterally expanded the scope of an income tax.
Where has he been?
"I just don't believe that," said Paul Guppy, research director of the conservative Washington Policy Center. "Every other tax — and I could cite many examples — has started out with a low rate and then gone up from there. The federal income tax started out at 1 percent."
And the federal income tax started on only the very rich. Now part of your paycheck is held back for it. Richard Davis also comments in Everett Herald.

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