Wednesday, April 07, 2010

You will be able to pay more taxes

You want tax increases? Why make others pay when you are the high-tax fan? Soon you will be able pay more taxes out of your own pocket. Senator Don Benton introduced a bill to allow voluntary paying of taxes. [Apologies to US Senate candidate Benton for misspelling his name, then leaving for the day, unable to correct it.] Washington Policy Center
With Senate and House Democrats struggling over the details of their $800 million plan to tax Washingtonians more during a recession, one lawmaker has introduced a voluntary revenue proposal. Sen. Benton today introduced SB 6891: Creating the taxpayer choice act. From the bill: "The legislature with this act intends to provide an option for taxpayers to voluntarily contribute more to state government. The legislature recognizes that citizens who desire to contribute more to finance state government should have a convenient way to do so and therefore the taxpayer choice account is created in the state treasury." If adopted, Washington would join these eight states with similar voluntary contribution accounts for those who believe they are under-taxed.
For all the tax-loving people I have known, I have never known one to pay one extra cent in taxes. Sound Politics 3/31/10

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