Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queen Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the Queen of the United States. If you don't believe it, ask her. The size of jet used by previous speakers of the House were inadequate. She demanded a larger jet. And that's not enough. Some weekends she reserves its use, then lets it sit idle, while preventing its use by others. Queen? [Looking for link. Regard as rumor for now.] And not just for herself, but for her children and grandchildren. She went to a Demo fundraiser in Florida Friday and the security detail outnumbered the 18 guests present. The Palm Beach locals report:
When she showed up for a private dinner in Palm Beach, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi walked into the home of businessman and Democratic moneyman George Cloutier with a security detail 12 strong, mostly US Capitol Police. There were four additional Palm Beach cops. And two sheriff’s deputies. Oh, yes! Two police boats in the Atlantic Ocean, across the street from Cloutier’s house. And with 18 guests at the dinner last weekend, the wingding had fewer guests than lawmen!
The quoted text above has lots of links in the original, so you can verify if its content.

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