Thursday, April 08, 2010

Senator Murray won't defend untrue attack by Democrat Senatorial Committee

The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee aka DSCC created a web site for the sole purpose of attacking Dino Rossi, who is not a candidate for any office. The charges they make are untrue, according to the people who investigated the issues. Where is the Mom in Tennis Shoes, Patty Murry? Distinguished Senator Patty Murray is the number 4 ranking Democrat in the US Senate and former head of DSCC. She has some clout there. If Patty will tell them to shut up they will. Pudge at Sound Politics has followed this whole mess and tears apart the DSCC attack: Murray and Goldy mum about lies about Rossi by DSCC:
The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC), of which Senator Patty Murray is the fourth ranking member, and HA Seattle, run by our friend Goldy, have been spreading the inane claim that Dino Rossi has been involved in "shady" dealings and transactions. Of course, none of it backed up by a single fact, and attorney James Rigby's letter to HA puts all of the "shady" nonsense to rest. The letter can be summed up with: "if you have evidence no one else has, then provide it; otherwise, you're simply making it up." Here's the money quote: "I know more about Maestro and Heide's shady dealings than probably anybody alive. You don't know what you are talking about when you assert that Dino Rossi has any connection to their wrongdoings. Your tactic is guilt by association plain and simple." Rossi sent a letter to Murray asking her to ask her DSCC to pull back. She didn't respond, and chose to lie instead, saying "This is an issue between Mr. Rossi and the DSCC." If Murray were not highly ranked in the DSCC, that might fly, but she is obviously heavily involved in what the DSCC is doing. The DSCC also lied, saying "Significant questions remain unanswered surrounding your business deals, associates and what you have been doing since you last waged a campaign for public office." But no such questions exist, and if they do, the DSCC certainly isn't asking them. Instead they are hoping that by throwing enough insinuations against the wall, something will stick...
Why the silence from Patty?

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