Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fake Steve and real Steve

Life and ended for Fake Steve and begun anew for real Steve. After a hilarous run Fake Steve got a job and hung up his parody. Journalist (can't find his name right now; always calls himself "Fake Steve") posted a daily blog pretending he was Steve Jobs with all his characteristics - arrogant, inside knowledge, hyper sensitive, off the deep end of the new age. etc. It was a riot to read how Steve might have reacted to the news of the day, such as : After Yahoo blew the opportunity to be bought out by Microsoft - they rejected it - "Jerry Yang called last night crowing about how he showed Steve Balmer to the door. Followed the next day by "Jerry called crying, asking how he blew it so bad." Real Steve Jobs is being exonerated in the investigation of back dating options. It always looked like jealous bean counter tripping up the successful without showing their faces. Wall Street Journal No official announcement, but it looks over.

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