Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fired for claiming to be born in 1945

It's a very exclusive club - the last of the War Babies. No wonder he wants in. He also like his prestigious job where he has to do nothing but butter up the right people and attend contentless meetings. Financial Times
Industrialised countries led by the US, the European Union and Switzerland have called for the resignation of Kamil Idris, head of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, in the wake of scandals that, the EU says, have "compromised" his leadership. Mr Idris, a Sudanese national who has the backing of African nations, has vigorously rejected the resignation demand, alleging a deliberate campaign of harassment and destabilisation over the past three years.
Update. I forgot to mention what year I was born. This is a great offense to us "end of war" babies. I was born after the German surrender in April, but before the Japanese in August.

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Ron said...

Did I forget to mention that I am in the exclusive 1945 club?