Sunday, July 20, 2008

Returning to Sound Politics

I am returning to regular posting at Sound Politics after self-imposed retraining. I was a contributer from the beginning, but I was spending my time on other things, so first posted irregularly, then not at all for about a year. I will focus on what encourages economic growth - taxes, less regulation... and freedom, as I do on my own blog: Bush lifts executive ban on oil; price drops Of course at my blog I hit my own interests - Lava lovers live with danger in Hawaii - Chocolate is good for everyone - Great radio: Rush channeling Clinton I had forgotten how much fun it is to post my analysis and opinions then get immediate feed back with almost all of it on-topic. It's good to rejoin old blogging friends Stefan and Jim Miller and to join new ones - Eric, Don, Pudge, Warren and Juvenal?. Part-way I broke my pelvis while riding home from work on May 13. I never imagined a cycling injury could put me out of work for more than a month: 9 weeks so far, expecting 12. And I appreciate that I am expected to fully recover; some injuries leave you maimed for life - incomplete spinal cord injuries. Life is not bad. I take only off-the-shelf ibuprofen and have had only low pain from the time of the accident. I can drive; I am getting together with old friends. But the healing is getting most of my energy. I don't have the energy to work more than a couple hours a day - even telecommuting. Broken pelvis update Now take it easy on me. No don't!

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