Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reality hits eco heroes

Europe is committed to Kyoto and its rules including limiting CO2 emissions; they are very critical of the US not signing Kyoto. They would never backslide like "Bush!" would. But France, Denmark, et al, can only ignore economic reality up to a point. And the tipping point is the situation today. The cost of the raw materials, the impact on food prices and the demand to put virgin land into farm production. NYTimes.com:
European officials proposed scaling back drastically on their goal of increasing Europe’s use of biofuels, a major about-face on a central environmental and energy issue. At the same time, a new report by the British government cast fresh doubt on fuels made from crops as a way to the fight climate change. Until recently, European governments had sought to lead the rest of the world in the use of biofuels, aiming to derive 10 percent of Europe’s transportation fuels from biofuels by 2020. But the allure has dimmed amid growing evidence that the kind of goals proposed by the European Union are contributing to deforestation, which speeds climate change, and helping force up food prices. “I think when we will look back we will say this was the beginning of a turning point for Europe on biofuels,” said Juan Delgado, a research fellow specializing in energy and climate change at Breugel, a research organization in Brussels. “It will be very difficult now for Europe to stick by its targets.”
So the Europeans might violate holy Kyoto! How can they blame Bush for that? Do you think they are taking the right tack? Leave a comment.

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