Saturday, July 12, 2008

Illegal to not produce more oil?

Yes. Mark Steyn didn't make this up; he observed: The US Congress passed a bill that makes it illegal to not produce oil. ? Illegal to NOT produce oil? But they continually pass bills that make it illegal TO produce oil? Easily explained. It is illegal to increase or maintain the production, etc. of oil in the US. This is for outside the US. What? Boss Nancy Pelosi and her brave crew are suing OPEC for not producing more oil and colluding to not do so. LA Times covers this story with a straight face. The graphic: The Democratics promised that if they were given control of Congress in 2006 they would stop the cruel increase in the cost of gasoline caused by Bush! (They never, ever say President Bush.) In less than 18 months, by this spring Pelosi had accomplished a 70% increase in the retail prices of gasoline, more now.

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